About America's Best Contractors, Inc.

America's Best Contractors, Inc's President Dwane "Abe" Drury started doing roofs back in 1978 with his father in Colorado. During his youth, Abe would work on roofs after school, on the weekends, holidays, and all summer long. That company later became Drury Brothers Roofing, Inc.

In 2001 Abe went to Bismarck, ND and started his own company, America's Best Contractors, Inc. America's Best focused on roofing services, such as roof repairs and roof replacements but also offered siding and gutter services.

Over the last 40 years Abe has endured a lot of changes in the roofing industry but quality has always remained the number one priority. Abe has extensive experience in every type of roof available. Additionally, America's Best Contractor's, Inc, is experienced in communicating with insurance companies to help our customers in the claim process.